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T.P. Theyson lives with his family in their log cabin, nestled in the woods of North Carolina. From his study, he creates rich, immersive worlds for his readers to enjoy. No genre is off limits, with everything from children's books to thrillers to modern mythology gracing his wheelhouse.

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My family dying was looked at by others as just a spot of bad luck; an unavoidable, unfortunate series of events. Something that people could read about in their newspapers, safe at home with their kids and their mugs of coffee; shaking their heads with a frown and think, how unfortunate, expecting me to pull myself up by my bootstraps, conquering the next stage of my life to give the story a happy ending. To everyone else, it was simply a case of wrong place, wrong time. But for me, it was not a moment in my life for me to rise from the ashes, a new born phoenix. It was absolutely and utterly apocalyptic. It was the final bomb that sends chasms shooting through the ground, buildings falling, and people screaming out in pain and fear. It was the end of myself. It was not a trial to make me stand tall and profess that it had not killed me, only made me stronger. It was an all consuming darkness that ate my soul and drank my tears, never letting go. At my absolute rock bottom, soaked in booze and surrounded by sickness, I would find the end didn't hold the light of hope, but a world full of ghosts, cults, cryptids. and stalkers. There's only one absolute truth for us all; things can always get worse.


War of the Pantheons


A battle that has quietly raged inside the very spirit of Humanity for centuries has finally come to literary life through the inspired quill of T.P. Theyson.
Be ready for every possible human emotion to get stirred inside your chest as you read on... and for some brilliantly written war scenes filled with meaning, wit, and symbolism.
I don't want to spoil it so I'll keep it brief:
A must read.


He does it again!
This story was quite the ride, and insanely entertaining. I have always loved Greek mythology and all of my favorite gods/goddesses were represented beautifully, and I was super excited to learn more about the Norse gods on this adventure!
Absolutely worth your time, please check this out you will not be disappointed!

A modern tale of WAR, woven into the fabric of ancient mythology. A rogue deity decides he no longer wishes to live, having grown tired of answering the incessant prayers of his followers. When his decision throws the worlds OF gods and men into chaos, alliances must be made to face the one who calls himself "Savior". If they are to witness the survival of the world, they only have one choice; to break the laws set down by THE ones who came before them and unite the PANTHEONS to destroy this threat before it is too late. As death looms over us all and alliances are made, ancient grudges will boil to the surface. Ones that are older than time itself and soaked in divine blood.

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Valerie Peritos, an author with 3 problems. Her writers block has lasted for years with nothing able to inspire her and after her neighbor turns up dead, making the police question if she is responsible, she starts to see the number 3 everywhere she looks. As she watches her life descend into a thriller of its own, her unhealthy sleep patterns and past head trauma leave her wondering if the strange things she is experiencing are really happening or if she is hallucinating through her days and nights that have become a blur in her mind. Until the murderer is found, she cannot trust anyone, not even herself.

What people are saying about "3":


"It definitely channeled Alfred Hitchcock vibes and I LOVED this."



"3 is a fast paced, page turner of a thriller that literally made me screech out loud when I got to the twist at the end!"

-Rachel Mars


"The ending absolutely had me shook!"

-Cristopher Williams

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Amongst the Gods: A Polytheist Prayer Book

In Ancient Greece, prayer was a way to speak directly to the gods. In Amongst the Gods, T.P. Theyson presents a prayer for every deity from the Ancient Greek world arranged in a format made for daily prayer.

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"Everytime pen touches paper, we become gods, able to create and destroy as we see fit." -T.P. Theyson

  • "Who Raises The Sun?"

    Who raises the sun is an exciting childrens picturebook being published under Moon Dust Press teaching children about sun gods from different cultures all over the world.

    Projected Release: 2024


    After the tragic death of her parents and brother, Melissa buys the lake house her family went to every summer. She hopes to find closure, but what she finds is much much darker.

    Projected Release: 10.29.24

  • Fall of the Pantheons

    The highly anticipated second part in the WOTP saga.

    Projected Release: 2026